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Welcome to Network Documentation
Written by NetDoc Webmaster   
Friday, 01 September 2006

ImageNetwork Documentation .com provides free online resources and tools to network professionals regarding network documenting, diagramming, and management.

We all know the importance of proper network documentation, but most of us have never been taught proper network documenting and diagramming techniques. Without these fundamentals the task of documenting a network or updating existing documentation may seem overwhelming. This site is here to help by providing you with all the resources you will need to tackle your documentation project.

Keeping Network Documentation Up-To-Date
Written by Mike Borek   
Wednesday, 02 May 2007

ImageWhile its common knowledge that having up-to-date, detailed documentation of managed networks is good practice, the reality is that all too often the resources either aren’t available or can’t be spared from other tasks to meet this standard.  With all that is happening day-in-day-out throughout the average NOC environment, accurate network drawings can provide a world of difference in helping to provide the context to easily understand and evaluate the network before any action can be taken.  It’s quite simple, the faster you can understand the faster you can react, plan, and support the auto-pilot operation of the network.

Introduction to Network Mapping
Written by Jack Hughes   
Wednesday, 22 November 2006
ImageBeyond a certain size networks become difficult to visualize without graphical aids. There are a number of tools to aid in the production of network maps. This article provides reasons why you should be interested in network mapping, as well as an overview of the available tools.
Why Network Documentation is so Important
Written by Darren Miller   
Tuesday, 17 October 2006
ImageI can't tell you how many projects I've worked on in which the customer has little to no network documentation. The reason for the lack of network documentation is varied. In many cases this is both the fault of the customer and the vendor / consultant who designed and implemented the network. The vendor just does not do it and the customer does not press hard enough for it. In some cases, technology consultants do not feel it's important enough or want to lock the customer into having to call "them" if something goes wrong or a configuration needs to be changed.

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